Tissue scarves

Almost satoosh like - It is the thinnest cashmere woven ever. Almost floats around the neck and leaves way behind, ring cashmere and water cashmere in terms of airy and lightness. An average scarves of 70 x 2oo cm weight less than 65gm.

With development of such light weave. There are many variation to it. Its comes in all sorts of solid colours, prints and even in felted which just adds more strength and make it even luxurious.

Knitted Scarves

We make knit scarves in different sizes and knits. Best selling knitted scarves are in 2/60 Count and 1/28 count. Another favorite is 2/48 count. MOREKNITS

Water Scarves

This is the most popular scarves in our range and best seller too. It is fluid like water but still has the integrity in its weave. It is light yet forgiving to accidental snagging of threads. However, do this it preciously and avoid heavy jewellery when accessorizing.

Ecastasy Scarves

These scarfs comes with full of hues in big blocks. The weaving is more than simple stripes and adds unique dimension to the patter making it bold and diffused. It is a origin of Geo Box. This scarf has bigger and bolder blocks than Geo boxes.

Geo Boxes

Where simple stripes end, a new beginning starts. It is called - Geo Boxes. With mastery of weaving, the simple stripes turns into interesting geometrical patterns of various size squares and rectangles. Hence it is called GEO BOX and it can be made in any imaginable colour combination.